Elton John Eyeglass Snatcher: BUSTED!

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From TMZ.com

Crime doesn’t pay, especially when it comes to stealing a pair of Elton John’s heart-shaped glasses. According to TMZ, Memphis police tracked down the eyewear stolen from the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum in Memphis in April.

This is when the genuinely efficient police work comes…the entertainment blog notes:

“Police took the incident so seriously, they lifted fingerprints off the glass case and managed to track the thief to Mississippi.”

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The thief, on the other hand, proved not to be a mastermind:

“Police then called the guy on the phone …and 26-year-old Matthew Colvin copped to taking them. He was arrested for bringing stolen property into the state and for being a fugitive from justice.”

According to LocalMemphis.com, the glasses—valued at more than $2,000—are back on display at their Memphis home.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.58.01 PMWhile there are claims that the singer has as many as 250,000 pairs of glasses, The Elton John Scrapbook by Mary Anne Cassata clarifies:

“Press reports from the 1970s and 1980s detailed his ever-expanding spectacles collection to exceed over 500 pairs. In reality, Elton stated the number was closer to 366. In 1988 he cleaned house and sold his stagewear and other personal items including 75 pairs of eyeglasses in a highly publicized Sotheby’s auction.”

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Elton John performs at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, 1986/ Photo Bob Leafe/Retna

Glasses such as the heart-shaped model that proved irresistible to the robber were John’s signature topping to dramatic stage costumes over the years. Other styles were featured by Rolling Stone in a retrospective of the performers wild looks.




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