Googly Eyes Cross the Channel

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Did you ever have the feeling that you were being watched, only to look around and see that the only thing standing nearby is a postbox? Or maybe you’ve contemplated just what the skyscraper next door would look like as a businessman having a cup of tea.

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All images by Sandrine Estrade Boulet


Or perhaps none of these thoughts have ever popped into your head—not to worry, artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet has enough imagination to spare. Calling herself a “hallucinatrist” she takes reality and adds in a splash of animation.

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According to a recent report by Meg Miller at Co.Design, Boulet blends photography and illustration to create a cast of characters out of the London streets and skyline that are now the focus of her exhibit, “Londovisions” in London’s KK Outlet

Boulet’s visions offer a fresh perspective on the familiar, from everyday objects to the drudgery of the daily commute to a city’s well-known historical landmarks (Big Ben? I think you mean Alice in Londonland). It’s an exercise in noticing, and for city dwellers especially, it’s a nice reminder to enjoy a city’s quirky charms before it becomes too routine.

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Based in Paris, Boulet’s website notes that:

“Her work is deliberately eclectic. Mix of

photography, illustration, urban art and in

situ works…in weightlessness in a

dimension between dream and reality.”

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In addition to her work in galleries, Boulet’s lighthearted works have also been featured in Sephora ads, according to her agents at Bookmaker.

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